OriginalFake: KAWS Companion ‘Resting Place’ Grey Version

February 26, 2013

Earlier this year KAWS announced that OriginalFake, the brand which existed as his more physical creative outlet, would produce its final season in 2013. Established in 2006, the brand was a joint venture between the artist, Medicom Toy and NEXUSVII. As the collective streetwear community mourns the loss of such a prolific brand, OriginalFake now releases their own statement in the form of a KAWS Companion toy. Entitled “Resting Place,” the 9-inch vinyl figurine depicts Companion as a figure divided in half. One half sees a grey and white-edition Companion, while the other gives a glimpse into the innards of the iconic character. The piece asserts several ideas in a relatively simple form–of the temporality of life, the relationship between a brand and its creator, and more–all of which are underlined by the medium by which it is expressed.
Available now via KAWS website for $315.

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