Clutter x Suckadelic “Suckrealm 6000″ Limited Edition Print

February 12, 2013


‘Clutter has partnered with our Suckadelic friend once more to reimagine the ghostly transparent blue “Sucklord 77″ with its “Suckrealm 6000″ package art in the form of a limited edition, hand-pulled screen print. Popping off of metallic silver 130# Reich paper, this 24″ x 18″ piece of art is the best way to put the Suck on your wall and remember how he emerged “outta nowhere with new gear, new beats, a new crew, and new ladies.”

Limited to 50 pieces and priced at US$60 each, these will be available to purchase online via Clutter on Thursday February 14th at 12pm EST. and “in person” at the Suckadelic Pop-Up Store at the East Broadway Mall in NYC Chinatown.

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