The Art of Style Writing: Master Penman Jake Weidmann

January 18, 2013

This is another aspect of style writing that we get inspired by. In a modern age where the computer is becoming the only tool for everything graphic we feel the urge to acknowledge people like Jake Weidmann. When we receive mail from my step mom or her mother, we’re always stunned at how precise, innovative and neat the hand writing is. Penmanship used to be taught in schools, as grammar or geography is. The ability to transcript emotions and feelings through your own personal calligraphy is something unique and very precious. How often do we write to someone nowadays?

Us graffiti writers practice the art of style writing. We reshaped the aesthetic codes and transformed the tools, but we believe it lays in the same foundations. Practicing and working on muscle memory to achieve a certain style, and build from it, deviates, innovations, complexification or even simplification. If you’re curious and want to see more of his work jump to his website HERE.
words by Gorey

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