Hot Toys Previews 2013: ED209 from RoboCop / Endoskeleton from ‘The Terminator’

January 18, 2013

We’ve previously seen prototypes on display at AniCom recently for RoboCop’s ED209, with not much surface finishing to be gawked at from Hot Toys for the time being. Perhaps this reissue is a precursor to the rebooted RoboCop (along with his RoboBike?) Without official announcement, check out the earlier 2006 release for comparisons. The OmniCorp “XT-908″ updated version seen on the viral website looks amazing.

Hot Toys will also release the T800 Endo Skeleton in 1/4 scale, no doubt in competition with ENTERBAY. There was a time I would have flipped for a 1/6th-scaled Endoskeleton, but that time has come and passed. But there might be some of you out there that would love to own one so be sure to stay up on when they drop it. We’ll obviously keep you posted on when these 2 bad boys will be dropping.

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