Django Unchained Action Figures from ENTERBAY & NECA

January 23, 2013

Two slices of “Django Unchained” toy-news, first of posted above, we have a group shot of the 6 x NECA figurines, which had since been discontinued by the request of The Weinstein Company (distributors of the film), due to “controversy” surrounding these figures, which folks are unhappy with because they depict/promote “slavery”. Seriously? Wow. Exepct secondary market sales to rocket for the NECA figures, folks!

Next up, in the gallery below is a look at both “Calvin Candie” and “Django” from ENTERBAY. We’ve previously seen hyper-real sculpts from them, and perhaps the light is pretty strong in these pics, but the bright pink and pastel green might not necessarily be 100% indicative of the original colors, maybe?

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