Star Wars Character Paintings by David Brodsky

December 8, 2012


We all know “David Kraig” to customize toys, now witness David Brodsky the “artist”, who has painted these Star Wars themed character portraits. They are now available for purchase HERE. Dope!

3 Responses to Star Wars Character Paintings by David Brodsky

  1. jennie taylor says:

    Hi there,
    Was wondering please how much this magnificent masterpiece is please. My husband would be so ecstatic!

    Jennie Taylor

  2. Natalie says:


    I was wondering where I can possible purchase this painting. It’s AMAZING! I wanted to buy it for my brother and surprise him. HUGE Star Wars fan! :D

    Natalie R.

  3. Mike Alderson says:

    This a must have! Please email me. So I may purchase

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