fugi.me Micky Trooper Print by MIMIC

December 13, 2012


UK illustrator fugi.me recently launched his Micky Trooper Print showcasing a cheeky mash-up of the infamous Mickey Mouse and a Star Wars Storm Trooper.

“Living on the Sunny South Coast of England, I often look from my window out to sea, where my mind wonders to other worlds. I dwell mostly here on a plane between dream and awareness, among the mass of pop culture, scifi and horror that I love so much. Occasionally something will slip through on to my screen and this piece just happened to emerge one summer day.” – fugi.me

These hand numbered giclée prints will be available in 2 sizes Large (50cm x 100cm) and Medium (25cm x 50cm) both limited to 25 pieces each. The large costing £30 and the Medium costing £20. Available exclusively through fugi.me now.

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