The Destroyer Custom Hell Lotus by CABLE

November 7, 2012

“For this particular toy I named it ‘The Destroyer’ due to Clog2. He told me to custom his toy and I was surprised. Firstly, I was not prepared as during the period of time I was on full concentration on customizing mini 4wd Tamiya car. But I took the challenge to custom on toys again.

During my teens, I used Gundam parts and transform it into a heavy armor on another Gundam. So the idea came from my past, I had used left over parts from Tamiya mini 4wd cowl that I had cut out, (and) I started to destroy my mini Gundam and also tamiya jet fighter parts and put it together. That’s why I named it The Destroyer.” – CABLE.

THE DESTROYER is a customized Hell Lotus by CABLE that was featured at the recent Hell Lotus art show. Might we add, it is one of the best pieces of the custom show. More snaps of the build can be found HERE and if you’re looking at purchasing The Destroyer, you can find it over at Mightyjaxx for $450.

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