The Avengers Cologne Set

November 5, 2012


What do heroes smell like? This Avengers Cologne Set features 4 prestige fragrances based on Captain America, Iron Man, The Hulk, and Thor from Marvel’s The Avengers. From the same team that brought you the wildly successful Star Trek line of fine fragrances, each 60 ml collectible glass bottle of cologne holds unique and classically made eau de parfum, painstakingly created to invoke affinity for its character. It’s the perfect dad or graduation gift!

Mark VII Armor Up Cologne: A resolutely sophisticated cologne forged from the elements and a touch of devil-may-care whimsy. Smell just like Tony Stark!

SMASH! Be Angry Cologne: Rare materials create a cologne evoking both timeless freedom and a single-minded passion for life. Smell just like Bruce Banner!

Worthy Possess the Power Cologne: Sensual, seductive dark amber and cedar wood protect and enhance a deep, almost God-like musk. Smell just like Thor!

Patriot Your Attack Plan Cologne: Paying homage to the confident, stand-up-to-bullies, hard-working average Joe in every man. Smell just like Steve Rogers!

Available HERE now for $59.99

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