RZA on the Challenges of Directiong a Movie vs. Producing an Album

November 6, 2012

After years of being one of hip hop’s most prolific producers, the RZA made his successful directorial debut with his first feature film “The Man With The Iron Fists.” The film debuted at #3 in the box office with a pull of $8.8 million and RZA must be happy with the results. Now that the he’s gotten the proverbial monkey off of his back, TheWellVersed & 2DopeBoyz sat down with the producer/director to ask him the differences and difficulty of producing vs. directing. After pondering the question for a moment, RZA explained which one has been the bigger challenge…

“The bigger task is directing,” RZA says from his couch nestled at Eli Roth’s Goretorium haunted house in Las Vegas. “Producing, of course, is a hard task. But you’re talking to a man that produced dozens of albums. Directing is producing to the 10th power.”

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