Hater Fall/Winter 2012 Cap Collection

November 8, 2012

The hat game is as big as it could possibly be. From fitted caps to snapbacks and of course the extremely popular 5-panel cap, a small accessory has taken over and is present in almost every collection. Exclusive to a few brands before, with New Era certainly being the dominant big player in the space and Supreme owning the 5-panel game, the market is finally big enough, also allowing smaller brands to enter and win. While Ebbet’s Field impresses with subtle quality, the all-over pattern and bold caps are actually the ones that seem to be most popular today, with even high fashion brands getting in there – from Acne to Givenchy, the cap is now an official fashion accessory.

While it seems like one has seen it all, especially when it comes to animal and floral patterns, we still appreciate the luxury take on the matter by Taiwanese brand Hater. For Fall/Winter 2012 they present an interesting series of all over prints and patterns, that are bold, but somewhat sophisticated. Keep the rest of your outfit simple and these will set a nice accent. Check out the full range in the gallery below.
More details about the brand can also be found HERE.
words by D.Fischer

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