Futurism 2.0 ‘Symmetry Across Centuries’ Group Exhibition Recap

November 8, 2012

The show titled Futurism 2.0 was a nod to today’s thriving contemporary scene and our impact on the future of the artworld. There has been great debate about this show and its ties to the actual Futurism movement. We have stated it several times before as we talked to the curator and the artists involved and this show was in no way associated with the futurists and their unpopular views. There was synchronicity at work here though as Futurism 2.0 was due to take place 100 years from the futurist movement. In an age where contemporary art is a convoluted scene that in our eyes has lost its way a bit. We wont get that discussion as it could take multiple essays to even comment on. What we can say is that today our contemporary artists are coming together like never before and making a real assault on the scene. Futurism 2.0 yet another example of our top artists coming together and not only exhibiting together, but actually coming together as a group. 90% of the artists made the show as well as numerous other talented artists who are just as important to the overall picture of the scene.

Gamma Proforma presented Futurism 2.0 in Shoreditch London and also released this new video (below) that walks you through the exhibit in all its detailed glory. With a huge turnout Futurism 2.0 opened to a line of guests waiting to be let in. The video captures the scene of the event as well as each work in the show. Curated by Rob Swain Futurism 2.0 proved to be a successful event and opening.
words by GF

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