Air Jordan 5 “Eminem” Custom

November 16, 2012


Based off The Real Slim Shady endorsed Air Jordan 4, Mache goes Marshall once again with the Air Jordan 5 “Eminem” Custom. A blue suede upper mimics the ultra-rare exclusive, complimented by red laces, metallic silver tongues, and black hits. These are not going to release, but you can check out Mache’s work for sale HERE.
words by Ian Stonebrook

One Response to Air Jordan 5 “Eminem” Custom

  1. Good lookin out Mache for clearing that up, I apreciate the love due to me separating my self from Proof Culture and starting on my own. Lol, haven’t been receiving much love on the blog sites since I’ve made my move, but maybe this well bring me back some needed attention. Thanks again.

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