Ricky Powell x PONY – Foot Patrol and SPRMRKT Launch Video

October 11, 2012

Unbeknownst to most, PONY lays claim to being one of the first truly American footwear labels. An acronym for Product Of New York, PONY was one of the first companies to trademark its logo and also one of the few footwear companies to position its logo on the sides of its shoes at a time when most companies had their logos on the forefoot. Having lost its way in the last few decades, the company is now back and looking to recapture some of its former glory. The brand recently teamed up with iconic photographer Ricky Powell on a collaborative shoe, the Vintage Slam Dunk, with a “Dog Walker” theme. A vegetarian, Powell designed to shoes to be animal friendly, forgoing leather for heavily waxed canvas. The two parties were at hand to launch the shoe and an accompanying selection T-shirts at London’s Foot Patrol and Amsterdam’s SPRMRKT. Check the video to see how it all went down.
words by James Shorrock

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