Kidrobot Don’t Fear The Reaper ‘Bot Mini

October 2, 2012

Most of the year, all the Grim Reaper wants is souls, but on All Hallows’ Eve, he turns his focus to morsels of a sweeter variety – chocolate!

Don’t Fear the Reaper Bot’s Mini is a 3-inch grinning goblin, with head and body deco’d with glow-in-the-dark paint. Dressed in black from head to toe, he waits outside your house with a bloody sickle and toilet paper roll in-hand, ready to leave his sinister mark. It is best to give him candy immediately.
So wickedly good, Kidobot had to keep him in short supply – only 1000 available, they hit shelves October 11 just in time for Halloween. Don’t Fear the Reaper retails for $14.95 US (£12 UK, €13.90 EU) exclusively at Kidrobot stores and
More looks below.

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