Hell Lotus by Clogtwo x Might Jaxx (Retailer’s Edition)

October 11, 2012

Part of the Urban Oriental series, Hell Lotus reflects upon the play of local religious beliefs with a touch of urbanity – merging what Singapore is all about, an amalgamation of deeply rooted religious beliefs, along with the modern fast paced society. This art figure comes in a premium box with interchangeable parts, authenticity card, special code for future releases of interchangeable parts compatible with Hell Lotus, custom art print, sticker and badge, all packed in a wax sealed envelope.

DKE Toys are soliciting pre-orders for Mighty Jaxx’s HELL LOTUS – with this version having a grey-toned clad figurine sitting on a white lotus, instead of the pink one previously on pre-orders. Designed by Clogtwo, this 8″ tall vinyl figure is the third colorway to be released (after the STGCC Blood Red Edition) and is limited to 50pcs and has a SRP of US$135 each.

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