“Hatsune Miku” by Jeremiah Ketner for New York Comic Con 2012

October 11, 2012


“The character is a tribute to Hatsune Miku who is Japans first Vocaloid. A singing synthesizer application with a female persona who performs live on stage as a digital hologram and is considered a pop idol in Japan.” – Jeremiah Ketner.

Exquisite art meets Vocaloid when Jeremiah Ketner depicts “Hatsune Miku” on canvas, with this image to debut at the coming New York Comic Con (Oct 11-14). The image shown here will be made available as an exclusive print release at Art Whino booth #3202, where the original painting will be there too. No product details nor prices mentioned at this time, but note that Jeremiah will be painting “live” from Friday to Sunday at the booth mentioned. Yeooow!

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