Fatape : Episode 34 (Halloween) Mixed by DJ Perplex

October 30, 2012

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Goblin, Ghoul, a Zombie with no conscience
question what do all these things have in common?

Perplex has put together a special Halloween mix full of
slippery sub bass monster beats to scary you silly.
So put this mix on blast, close your eyes and dip yo hands into box of cold spaghetti!

1. First Light Intro
2. The Gaslamp Killer – 7 Years of Bad Luck for Fun (Plex’ scratch intro)
3. Eprom – Regis Chillbin
4. Ta-ku – Hustle
5. TNGHT – Easy Easy
6. Redinho – Nuff Prang
7. 3Ws – Doshy
8. Machinedrum – Come1
9. Machinedrum – GBYE
10. Rustie – Surph
11. Space Kid – Dillagalaxy
12. Jimmy Pé – Old Times
13. J Dilla – Over The Breaks (Instrumental)
14. Break Sinatra – Wolves 2 (Still Hungry)
15. Eprom – Prototype (Plex’s 12 Monkeys edit)
16. Dizz1 – Relentless
17. J Dilla – Won’t Do (Instrumental)
18. Walla – Mahlib
19. Flying Lotus – Heave(n)

Artwork by Ollie Winter

Click ATL link here to DOWNLOAD Mix: Episode 34 (Halloween) Mixed by DJ Perplex

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