Allison Torneros “Hueman Nature” at Design Matters Gallery Recap Video

October 31, 2012

Here’s a video recap of Allison Torneros’ solo show, Hueman Nature at Design Matters Gallery. Torneros sets her gaze upon the human condition and the essential dualities that permeate our lives and consciousness. The show features collaborations with Justin Jackson, Cryptik, and Brandon “Monk” Munoz.

“There is a golden-flecked moment where the line between being asleep and being awake is opaque and blurred; there is a distinct point when something is neither grotesque nor beautiful but both; there is an celestial flash where the worlds of pleasure and pain fuse together before falling apart again. These kinds of Hueman experiences, informed by the duality of their nature, form the hallowed ground that Allison Torneros treads upon and translates onto canvas, paper, and wall. She captures these Jungian flashes and lets the audience erect their own, crystalline tales. Her work is not meant to answer existential questions any more than a shooting star is meant to explain the cosmos. Yet, the microscope contains the macroscopic and back again. All and nothing is explained in the blink of an eye.”
-Allison Torneros

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