Tokidoki x Marvel Japanese Spidey Baseball Cap

September 25, 2012

Hey, Michael Bay. You know how we got 3D back in the day? We used perspective. And clever placement. That’s right. Just like Simone Legno’s done on this tokidoki baseball cap. It features Spider-Man swinging straight for you, red knuckles ready to smack right into the nearest villain passerby.

This black baseball cap features an embroidered Spider-Man mid-swing. Silver-colored bill with a tokidoki Marvel comic print underneath. His web emanates from the top of the hat. It reads スパイダーマン (Supaidaman) down one side. The back features an adjustable snap-back closure and the tokidoki x Marvel branding.

Available now HERE for $35.
words by TG

3 Responses to Tokidoki x Marvel Japanese Spidey Baseball Cap

  1. Maverick says:

    Hi where can i buy this cap still?

  2. daniel frison says:

    I want to buy it for myself where can I buy it?

  3. Esmond Lee says:

    Hi, is the japanese marvel spidey cap still available for sale?

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