The Hundreds x Ruslan Karablin of SSUR

September 4, 2012

Bobby Hundreds met up with Ruslan Karablin at the new SSUR Operations in Los Angeles, California to talk about SSUR and Comme des Fuckdown. Bobby Hundreds wrote, “Ruslan Karablin aka Russ aka SSUR has always been one of our largest inspirations in Streetwear. Speaking of Streetwear or Street culture, the native New York artist, designer, and business-brand owner is maybe the last of a dying breed (although he disclaims, “I’m not dying!“). Firmly planted in the notion of social commentary, cultural parody, and illicit subversiveness through the medium of graphic t-shirts, caps, and apparel (while focusing on specialized distribution through elite retailers worldwide), SSUR is pure and passion-filled, the embodiment of one man’s artistic vision and ingenuity.” Check out the video above for more details.

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