PUMA Fall 2012 Re-Suede Collection

September 7, 2012


The PUMA Suede has been a game-changer since forever. Back in 1968, it gained notoriety for saying ‘nay’ to ordinary leather. It went on to become a superstar among basketball courts and b-boy circles with its sporty swagger and knack for smooth moves.

The PUMA Re-Suede is a more responsible version of its former self. Every aspect of the Re-Suede has been designed to reduce its environmental impact. Its synthetic suede material is comprised of recycled polyester fibers (solar panel & plasma TV scraps, to be exact) and the outsole is a one-two punch of natural rubber and fibers that are common bi-products of the food industry. The sock liner, laces, and sub-lining are also made from recycled materials.

Add it all up and you get a shoe that weighs in at 140g – which is 5.2oz less than the original. Add that up again and you’ll find that the Re-Suede saves 15 tons for every ten thousand pairs shipped, dramatically cutting the amount of fossil fuels used and total carbon footprint. In short: The PUMA Re-Suede’s classic style hasn’t changed, but its footprint is much, much smaller.

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