Nike Air Force 1 ‘Year of the Dragon’ Spring Edition

September 3, 2012

Nike Sportswear will be launching a new, pearly white design of Air Force 1, the third launch of its Chinese dragon-inspired collection.

Dragon has long been held in China as a totem of nobility, prosperity and longevity, while pearl suggests a lifestyle of health and wealth. Combining these two elements, Nike designers infuse magic power into the new design.

Just like the initial two seasonal introductions, dragon elements are impeccably integrated and presented. A dragon-scale pattern is embossed on the white leather on the upper while also wrapping around the midsole. The pearl-coloured finish is applied to the pink-and-blue ribbon around the Swoosh, rim of the tongue, the counter and the bar bearing XXX, generating an eye-catching look. It carries on with the dragon-in-cloud design on the tongue top and the Chinese character of ‘Long’ (dragon) on the counter. This new edition will be available with silk lining and matching aesthetics with comfort.

Exclusive to Espionage in Sydney and RRP $240, the Air Force 1 ‘Year of the Dragon’ will be available in September. More looks after the jump.

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