NECK FACE ‘A Deal with the Devil’ Exhibition / Pop-up Flea Market

September 7, 2012

Today begins the ritual as Neck Face manifests in its human form to conjure up thy minions in the name of his latest atrocity exhibition of desecrated delights. One Grand Gallery in Portland, Oregon will be the ceremonial site as Nasty Neck transforms this once-cheerful space into a pop-up flea market of ghoulish intent. A Deal with the Devil has been made and there’s no turning back.

This new solo installation highlights the root of all evil with a marketplace of the macabre that only Neck Face could envision. The enigmatic Neck’s nightmarish economy comes to life in a place where mankind’s darkest desires are entertained and exploited for just the right price. You’ve already been sold.

A faceless artist rooted in graffiti yet eschewing typical hip-hop leanings in favor of a more sinister death metal approach, Neck grinds up your atypical pop culture references with horrorshow sensibilities and the slyest of humor before regurgitating it onto canvas with his trademark scrawl. As his mischievous mythos continues to expand, so does his scope as deadly metal masks and twisted sculptures now align with his painted output to create installations of the blackest heart. With a flair for the flaming unfortunate and demonic, the artist’s serial scribbling never fails to leave an impression as you’re left without a clue to wonder where he’ll strike next.

At Neck’s request, enjoy the potions freely and consume many of the limited and one-of-a-kind items being made available for the first time ever outside the Gates of Hell. The accused has claimed this to be the last installation of its kind for quite some time as his sinister services will be required elsewhere. The Devil always collects.

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