LEGO Superheroes Marvel & DC Universe 2013 – Characters Revealed

September 25, 2012

LEGO, Marvel and DC Universe are joining forces to bring us an incredible line up of figures for 2013. They have unveiled 14 minifigures for the DC Universe and 7 minifigures for Marvel, featuring characters such as Batman and Rogue, Aquaman (Best Hairstyle Evah), Venom, Spiderman, Doctor Doom and a very surprising inclusion of Nova!
This release will surely get all LEGO fans excited. Hope they put out larger versions of em’.
More looks below.

2 Responses to LEGO Superheroes Marvel & DC Universe 2013 – Characters Revealed

  1. Vicki says:

    will there be the dark knight rise lego catwoman because it would be awsome if it was in a set with batman and bane it would go so well

  2. joann wirth says:

    scarecrow, mr. freeze,baine, two face. I need to purchase these minitures for my grandson for Christmas. Please let me know where I CAN PURCHASE THEM Thank you,

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