Batman Cuff Links

September 27, 2012

Obviously, Bruce Wayne could never wear these cufflinks. For starters, we’re pretty sure the yellow matches The Joker’s color palette a little more than Bruce’s. Bright yellow just isn’t a high society playboy color, you know? But the more obvious reason is that wearing Batman cufflinks would put his anonymity in danger. Then again, who would suspect the man behind the Dark Knight to be wearing his own symbol as cufflinks? Perhaps Bruce would wear these after all…

Thankfully YOU are not Batman, so wearing these cufflinks does not pose any sort of threat to your anonymity or your fashion sense. In fact, we’d hazard a guess that you’re probably looking at these because you have to buy cufflinks for some fancy occasion and the idea of “normal” ones totally bores you. Trust us, we grok. That’s why we have these Classic Batman logo cufflinks. They’re not only fancy enough to wear to your wedding, but they’re also an officially licensed DC Comics product, so your geek cred will never be questioned. Score.
words by TG

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