1-2-1 w/jeffstaple feat. ROTHCO

September 3, 2012

When I first started Staple in 1997, there was no way I could get my hands on bulk quantities of camo and military fabrics. The minimum quantities were simply too high. So I started buying goods at retail and doing my own label changes, trim additions, prints, embroideries, etc etc.

The more I smartened up, the deeper I dug and soon I discovered most stores in NYC got their military goods from a company called Rothco. By going directly to Rothco, I could save myself a bunch of money. I thought I was cheating the system a bit and felt a little guilty. I soon found out Triple Five Soul was doing the same thing! Marc Jacobs was doing the same thing! Urban Outfitters was doing the same thing! Wow…That’s when I realized Rothco was no joke.

About a year ago, our paths naturally crossed and we expressed mutual respect for each other. I spent some time and visited their new headquarters in Long Island New York. Hope you enjoy this slightly different 1-2-1. A family run business that has been around for over 50 years, passed from father to son.

- jeff staple

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