‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Vehicles in LEGO by TILER

August 17, 2012


After we witnessed his Hot Rod Batmobile, TILER is back, this time with a bevy of LEGO-builds from The Dark Knight Rises movie, complete with Batman’s Tumbler and Mini Tumbler, Batpod and The Bat! These creations are beyond amazing! And for more Batmobile builds from previous movies, check out this album on Tiler’s Flickr!

4 Responses to ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Vehicles in LEGO by TILER

  1. Kok Wei says:


    Where you got this Lego Tumbler?
    looks damn cool.
    I hope that I could have one as well..


  2. Andrew Wagner says:

    This looks awesome! Is it possible for you to give me building instructions for this…?

  3. lee du hyun says:


    Nice work looked good.

    The Lego Batman Tumbler many interested please contact us.

    Can bat and more custom Lego Tumbler Commission?

    Good answer, thank you.

  4. This is the best tumbler I have ever seen. It is way better than the crap lego ones.
    If you put this tumbler on lego ideas I will tell all my mates to vote for it.


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