Product Review : Crumpler Dry Red No 3 Carry-On Luggage (Red)

August 12, 2012


Product Press:
Light in weight, heavy on features, and just right for short stays or overnighters, this compact wheelie adapts to your needs as fast as you can say ‘chicken or the fish?’. As carry on luggage, its accessible front pocket will hold your laptop and personal items, while the main compartment holds your clothing. As check in baggage, the whole thing locks up to ensure your belongings remain secure for the journey.

A few weeks ago we gave you an in-depth review of the Dry Red No 5 backpack from Crumpler, today we’ve got it’s cousin the Dry Red No 3 we’d like to talk about.

We travel heaps (surely alot of you do too). Like the Spring Peeper Travel bag we reviewed HERE, the Dry Red 3 is fairly similar in terms of construction but, has a few extra features we are in love with.

One of which is the six storage zones it comes with. Most carry-on luggage’s only have a main compartment where you can stuff everything in (which can make packing quite unorganized and finding stuff quite a nuisance). With the Dry Red No 3, that issue is solved, especially with the front zippered pocket with four-compartment organizer and the two zippered sidewall mesh pockets on the inside. On the front you can store away important documents like your passport, flight itinerary, magazines for your reading pleasure while on the aircraft and more. While on the sidewall pockets, you can store away smaller items like cables, chargers, socks, ties and the likes.

On the inside it has a 27-litre main cargo space and a zippered mesh pocket on the reverse of the opening flap for more storage space. With that much space, you will never have trouble bringing along a couple of spare shirts, pants and an extra pair of kicks while on your trip. Speaking of which, our favorite bit about this bag is the foldaway shoe bag that it comes with (this is gold!). Carrying shoes in our luggage has always been an issue because we never want to get our shirt dirty and it takes up heaps of space. But with the Dry Red No 3, this issue is solved. The foldaway shoe bag allows you to bring a spare pair of kicks whilst keeping them stored away neatly in the zippered flap (this will keep the dirty soles of your kicks away from your white shirt – of course if you’re a sneaker head like us, the soles would be crystal clean).

Two more beautiful things we like about this bag is that both the main compartment and front pocket zippers can be padlocked and the entire bag is water resistant. Yes it is! The outer of the Dry Red No. 3 is made from water resistant materials that’ll keep your belongings super dry (maybe thats where they got their name from?) upon arrival. Not that your bag will be subject to any form of liquid substance, but if it does, you don’t have to worry about a thing. Also if use your No.3 as check-in luggage, you can fully secure your belongings and not worry about anyone peeking into it. Handy isn’t it?

What more can we say about this carry on luggage?
It has definitely ticked every box we feel necessary and will surely be a great companion while traveling. If you’re in need of a travel bag that looks great and functions like a twin turbo engine, this Dry Red No. 3 by Crumpler will not disappoint. Available HERE now for AUD $250.00.

words by Benny Teh
photography by Crumpler and Fat Kids

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