Nike+ Hyperdunk Premium Box

August 9, 2012


This coming Sunday in Berlin, Nike Stadium will be hosting a special contest to win one of the best special packages we’ve seen from Nike with this Hyperdunk Premium Box. The contest offers a chance to win 1 of the 4 boxes. What do you have to do to win? Jump the highest in a vertical jump contest and this baby could be yours!

What you get is this incredible box that not only contains the Nike+ Hyperdunk that we showed you here, but you also get a FuelBand Ice, and an iPod Touch fully equipped with with applications for Basketball and Training. That’s not it, though. The box is also laced with a Bose Soundsystem! If you are in the area of Nike Stadiums, you can check out the box on display and if you’re not, check out images of it in our gallery above.

Check in with Nike Stadiums for more news and info.
words by Nick Estrada

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