Mecha Azteca by Jesse Hernendaz x RAJE Toys

August 1, 2012


Designed by Jesse Hernandez and made by RAJE Toys, the MECHA AZTECA stands an impressive 12” tall and comes in three colorways : Regular (Limited to 600pcs), Shadow (Limited to 200pcs) and Jungle (Limited to 200pcs = 100 UK / 100 USA). The Regular figure will ship three to a case with the Shadow being a 1:4 chase colorway. The Jungle colorway, is an exclusive to retail store Limited Edition in the UK, but some of these editions will be made available to US based fans and stores via Legacy.

Priced at US$120.00 (£80.00), RAJE is currently soliciting retailer orders, with details available HERE – so if you’re interested, go bug your favourite retailer for availability. More looks below.

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