iSoldier Phone Stand

August 5, 2012


It’s well known in the Toy Story universe that when the black garbage bags come out, the green Army men are the first to go. We don’t think that’s fair treatment for Sarge and his loyal group of soldiers. They’re hard workers. They’re always up to serve their fellow toys and protect them from being eaten by the dog or stolen by evil children. But what could we do with them that was more… grown up?

Turn them into iSoldiers, of course! These soldiers look just like your favorite green Army men, but for one tiny addition: they have a suction cup base that allows them to stick to your phone or mobile device. Simply suction your iSoldier to the back of your smartphone, digicam, iPod, etc, then balance it on a flat surface. Bam. Instant stand. When you’re done, just pop your Army man in your pocket, just like when you were a kid.

And a bonus! Each order contains TWO iSoldiers: the saluting one and the rifle-toting one. Do you have to share with your brother/sister/cousin/etc? Not if you bought them, you don’t! (But it might be nice. And Santa is watching.)

Available HERE for $9.99.
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