Half Cab 20th Anniversary Party at Vans Downtown Showdown

August 11, 2012

The opening reception of the Vans Downtown Showdown Amsterdam brought skateboarding legends, Pro’s, Ams, local Dutch media and skate enthusiasts together to celebrate 20 years of the iconic Vans Half Cab Shoe with photography, art, skateboarding and music.

Twenty years, twenty skaters, twenty photos and one shoe, was the premise for the selection of images curated by Lance Dawes, to celebrate the legacy of the iconic Vans Half Cab shoe. Twenty customised Half Cabs complemented the photography exhibition, with artistic innovation from Shepard Fairey, Jimbo Philips, Chris Pastras, Lance Mountain and others.

Steve Van Doren presented Steve Caballero with a special birthday cake to mark the anniversary and unveiled the world’s first skate-able Half Cab Shoe. Guests of the event enjoyed a special musical performance by Ray Barbee, Tommy Guerrero and Chuck Treese. Vans Skate Legend John Cardiel played a DJ set while lucky attendees bumped elbows with skate idols like Tony Alva, Tom Penny, Dustin Dollin and many more. Check it out.

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