Filling Pieces x Flybird Pack

August 8, 2012

Filling Pieces, the Amsterdam based footwear label has teamed up with Flybird’s designer Franky Boateng for an exclusive collaboration Pack.

A unity that creates the ability to match Filling Pieces footwear with a Flybird bag. Both in search of an accessory to complement their ‘one of a kind’ products, the two brands searched for the perfect way to merge Filling Pieces sneakers with a Flybird backpack.

The collaboration pack consists of a handmade leather backpack perfectly matching the Filling Pieces Low Top trainers – both pieces come in the same colors and same materials. The bag is crafted from the finest naturally tanned cowhide leather, with an inside that is filled with padded cushion lining. The leather arm straps on the side of the backpack provide the perfect amount of space needed to carry the Filling Pieces trainers that were specifically designed for this collaboration. Both color ways of The Collabo Pack are available in very limited quantity of ten packs each.

The release of the collaboration pack is scheduled for Friday the 10th of August 2012. The exclusive pack will only be available for purchase through the FillingPieces webshop and later at select retailers.
words by David Fischer

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