Diamond Tears Edge On-Ear Headphones

August 16, 2012


On one hand, these headphones look like a Bedazzled pair of Beats headphones. On the other, Lil Wayne showed us that’s not exactly a bad idea, and Monster knows what they’re doing when it comes to pro audio. Anyway, here is a look at the latest addition to their headphones series, Monster Diamond Tears Edge. They’re over ear, blinged out, low profile, blinged out, equipped with ControlTalk, bl… you get the idea. They look like giant diamonds you get to wear on your head. They’re almost too good to be wearing out, plus you definitely need a hoverboard to with it. If you’re in need of a pair of blinged out headphones, you can cop your Diamond Tears Edge On-Ear Headphones over at Monster now for $350.
More looks after the jump.

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