Corpse Corps Boards

August 22, 2012


NYC based Corpse Corps Boards are hitting the streets with a fresh twist on an old idea. Copping a dual-tailed design the new decks are coffin shaped cruisers and incredibly badass. The company has been working with artists such as Jon MacNair among others on the boards’ gnarly gothic graphics.

Drew McKenzie and Jordan Walczak are combining their lifelong love of skating with graffiti art, street style to push out some of the most exciting decks and clothing in New York right now. Make sure to also hit up Corpse Corps’ second annual group exhibition on Halloween weekend to peep some of the brand’s work and other pieces from some of the dudes’ favorite local artists as well. Since they began a year ago, Corpse Corps has been picking up their pace at an exponential rate. They’re now carried in shops all over NYC and have been featured in Transworld and Thrasher Magazine.

Visit them HERE for more details.

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