adidas Originals Phantom ‘Pool Blue’

August 25, 2012


We love the adidas Originals revisit of the legendary Phantom model. It’s easy to assume other brands have the monopoly on visible technology, but if you know your plugs, disc inserts and APS technologies, you know the brand with the 3-stripes was way ahead of the curve. The Phantom’s (which remained in the line as a serious running offering from 1985 to 1987) uniquely detailed midsole was, like APS, a weapon in the fight against overpronation and over supination. The adiflex sole pattern, slanted midsole, extra heel counter, heel stabilizer and pricetag in its heyday meant this shoe wasn’t playing and the shoe’s lack of weight is an oppressive feat, given the amount of supportive extras it carries. Built for “ambitious” runners rather than posers, we would have still lost our minds if we saw a local cool kid in these back in the day and alongside the Fire, the Phantom is proof that adidas’s then state-of-the-art athletic training silhouettes from 1982-1986 are destined to maintain an eternal sense of style built on innovation. This Pool Blue makeup of the shoe really showcases the amount of nylon mesh on that upper to keep the grams down and it arrives at your local adidas stockists very soon.
words by gwar

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