Product Review : Crumpler Dry Red No 5 Backpack (Black)

July 15, 2012


Product Press:
Whether you’re dressed up for a business trip or down for some serious holidaying, this multi-tasking backpack is the ideal companion for the laptop-toting traveller. As comfortable to carry as it capacious, the Dry Red No. 5 features a mini office organiser up front, a padded sleeve for your 15-inch MacBook at the rear, and in between, an expandable general cargo space. It even comes with its own cable pouch.

Our good friends at Crumpler have released a new collection of travel luggage dubbed Dry Red. It consists of 11 pieces of luggage, from carry-on bags, briefcases to laptop cases and backpacks, they have it all.

Now… there are a million other backpacks out in the market at the moment, but what sets Crumplers’ Dry Red No 5 Backpack apart from it’s competition? Solid construction, great use of design and space and comfort.

At first glance, we thought “Oh yea… just another plain ol’ backpack…myeh! Whatever…”, but after examining the construction closely, we were really impressed with it’s immaculate stitching, really solid form and water resistant materials used. Everyone knows that an average lifespan of a backpack is about 2 years (give or take a year or so) and that’s if it’s be made with decent quality materials (most of em’ don’t really last past a year). Comparing all the backpacks we have personally owned in our life time to the Dry Red No 5 Backpack, we feel that it’s a definite keeper. (If we’re still using it in 5 years time… we’ll keep you posted for sure)

On top of that, it’s functional design is amazing. To the average person, it might looks like a simple/plain black backpack, but if you look closely, there has been alot of thought put into every part of the bag. The front zippered pocket alone is a winner in our eyes. It consists of a business card holder, four-compartment organiser, document pouch and a key loop (you can also put your iphone, media player, hand held game consoles, passport, notebooks, pens and more in there). All your essentials kept neatly and fully accessible at any given time and at one spot… it’s like having the Dream Team assembled again in one spot…it’s unbelievable.

Let’s talk about the other remaining compartments shall we? The Dry Red No 5 has a twin gripper zippered interior cargo space, an interior zippered pocket with mesh panel and interior document sleeve, a cable pouch and a side-opening, fully padded zippered 15-inch laptop compartment (this is ingenious).

How many times have you had to open the main compartment of your backpack, rummage through a whole bunch of stuff (maybe even pull a few things out) before reaching into the back to pull your laptop out? It is undoubtedly frustrating at times, especially when you’re in a hurry, but that won’t happen again with the Dry Red No 5 backpack. There is a standalone side zip that gives you access to a 15″ laptop compartment and this feature alone is ingenious (let alone the others we’ll be talking about in abit)! We’re sure that alot of our readers can appreciate this feature.

Another ingenious addition to the Dry Red No5 backpack is the cable pouch! This has gotta’ be the highlight of this bag. There have been countless times when we’ve misplaced our laptop chargers, have had our iphone chargers shoved in a corner of the main compartment, and have taken us ages to find them or just simply lost a whole bunch of cables (because we misplaced them)! And it is very frustrating (surely everyone can relate to this). Now this is an issue of the past! With the cable pouch, they will be neatly stored away in the interior zippered pocket with mesh panel and we won’t have to worry about finding it later. This is too good!

The final key that makes this backpack a must have is its comfort. It features neoprene panels and foam cushioning throughout the bag for maximum comfort and to help wick away perspiration, the rear of the bag and underside of its harness both feature Air Mesh padding, allowing fresh air to circulate between the bag and your back. Especially when carrying a bag full of stuff, if it isn’t padded correctly, it can be a pain to have on your back. When we threw the Dry Red No 5 on our back’s though, it just molded nicely and felt really good to have around the shoulders. Try it out at your local Crumpler store and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

You can never have too many backpacks, especially good quality ones like this Dry Red No 5.
Available HERE now for AUD $195.00.

words by Benny Teh
photography by Crumpler and Fat Kids

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