Pac-Man Arcade Cabinet Candy

July 13, 2012


All those hours standing around the Pac-Man arcade game. All those quarters pumped into the machine. All those Power Pellets, fruits, and ghosts eaten. Ah, the memories. Alas, we can’t bring ALL the memories to your office (the shipping charges on those arcade machines would be huge!), but we can bring a little nostalgia. And candy. Introducing, the Pac-Man Arcade Cabinet Candy.

Each tin is shaped like the arcade cabinet you lovingly fed coins. And inside each tin of Pac-Man Arcade Cabinet Candy is (you guessed it) Pac-Man candy. And what does Pac-Man taste like? Strawberry! Best of all, once you eat the candy, you can keep neato things in the empty tin. Might we suggest quarters? Then you’ll be the coolest kid at the arcade! All thanks to Pac-Man Arcade Cabinet Candy.
Available HERE for $3.49.
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