Life Size LEGO Forest in NSW Australia

July 8, 2012


When we heard about LEGO celebrating it’s 50th year in Australia, we thought they might just release some Australian limited edition play sets, but NOOOO! they took it even further! They will be having various installments across the country and the most recent one in Broken Hill of New South Wales. LEGO Australia have created a life-sized LEGO forest consisting of 15 four-meter ‘pine’ trees and flower sets have been recreated to a 1:1 ratio of the original pieces, but supersized to be 66 times bigger. The forest rising from the red soil creates a colourful contrast against the vibrant landscape, a breathtaking sight and a giant playground. This installation is on until July 12 so if you’re in the area, do check it out and take a few pics. Good on ya’ LEGO!
More details can be found HERE or HERE.

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