World of Warcraft Monopoly

June 29, 2012


One of the advantages to being a WoW addict is immediately having a topic of lively conversation when you meet another WoW addict. The big disadvantage? We’ve been known to twitch just a little when the server’s down and we can’t get our fix. And if the internet is down, too? It could get dangerous for our mental health.

Thank goodness for World of Warcraft Monopoly! This fully customized game lets you enter the realm of myth, magic, and adventure with no computer necessary. Buy the ominous Twilight Highlands and feel the presence of the Old Gods in the air. Trade for Scourge-infested Icecrown to gain complete control of the coveted Northrend zones. Seize the mighty faction capitals: Orgrimmar and Stormwind. When you own it all, you will reign supreme over your opponents.

Available HERE for $39.99.
words by TG

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