Origami Smart Sleeve For iPad

June 21, 2012


A lot of iPad cases will hold devices at one angle, but sometimes we need a different view: something that stands up better for watching TV, and that’s lower for writing out the next great novel. Other stands have flimsy wings that fold out but they just never seem to hold things up securely. We wanted something more graceful and strong for our iBeauty.

Enter the Origami Smart Sleeve! This sleeve holds every iPad model all nice and snug, and when we need to use it, we just pull it out and fold the sleeve up. The Smart Sleeve folds nicely into two modes, a higher angle great for kicking back and watching a bit of Netflix and a lower one for tap-tapping away at your notes for your RPG campaign or playing some Angry Birds.
Available HERE for $29.99.
words by TG

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