DC Comics Caped Pint Glass

June 6, 2012


When we were younger, some of us admit to being the college hero of beer pong, cross-campus drunken streaking, or the South Park drinking game. But those days are behind us. We’re now the heroes of career and family and that’s quite a different sort of heroism. In a way, not as exciting, but on the other hand, much more valuable to society. Are we a little closer to being Batman? You could say so, but we definitely still lack the millions and the butler.

If you’d like to remember that you’re the hero of your life, do so with a DC Comics Caped Pint Glass. Each Pint Glass is emblazoned with the emblem of your super of choice and has a cape strapped around it. Yes, we suppose you could use the cape to wipe your mouth, but is that what Batman would do?
Available HERE for $9.99 each.
words by TG

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