Buckingham Warrior: Kostopol Warrior – Snow Edition by Gary Baseman X The Loyal Subjects

June 16, 2012


The Kostopol Warrior is named after Baseman’s mother’s hometown in (once was) Poland and now, Ukraine. Kostopol – before WWII was a vibrant town where 80% of its population were Jewish. During the War, the Germans along with the local Ukrainian Nazi sympathists, systematically mass murdered the townspeople including Baseman’s grandparents. Baseman’s mother, Naomi Litvak, was one of a few inhabitants who survived. Baseman named each of the Buckingham Warrior figures in the memory of his parent’s hometowns – never forgetting those who lost their lives. Honoring those who survived. Celebrating the brave people who saved today’s survivors.

The latest KOSTOPOL WARRIOR (Snow Edition) stands at 12inches tall and is available now for US$130. There are only 250 pieces so be sure to cop yours quick HERE!

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