adidas Originals Fall 2012 Grand Prix

June 22, 2012

Who doesn’t like the adidas Grand Prix? It’s a terrace classic and as we understand it, there’s plenty of NYC summertime love for this shoe too. That’s a couple of key genesis points for much of the shoes we love in a solitary silhouette. Circa 1979, adidas was killing it with their clean court silhouettes. The sole we once loved on the Lendl Indoor twinned with the classic looks on that upper, with the perforated toe that seemed to work in perfect unity with the chunk of the base to create a classic. We used to lust after the Grand Prix Indoor version of this shoe, but subsequent retros in the 1990s and 2000s avoided that Indoor element.

Affordable in their day and, judging by the older cousins and brothers we know who who wore them, faintly more attainable than a pair of the elusive Trimms that had a similar sole. Despite the slightly “special” addition of Velcro on one key variation, the Tennis Comfort was pretty much a Grand Prix too. After the wave of Munchens earlier in the year and the David Beckham line including a couple of Grand Prix makeups, we knew we’d see some colours of this shoe inline too. The blue and red suede is effective, but we’d still prefer to see a correlating colour on the outsole rather than all white, because that’s how we like our adi shoes from this era. We don’t know what the rights issues are, but we’d kill to see the Lendl line make a return in the next year or so, but in the meantime, these arrive in stores next month.
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