Winner Announced : Supra TK (Gold / Silver)

May 1, 2012


Thank you to all that participated in our recent Supra TK (Gold / Silver) giveaway! We’ve gathered all entrants, picked 10 people who we thought gave us the best answers, placed your names in a hat and pulled 1 name out…. and the WINNER of the Supra TK (Gold / Silver) giveaway goes to….


Alma Griffiths

You have won yourselves a pair of Supra TK (Gold / Silver) shoes size US10.
To arrange delivery or pick up of your prize, please get in touch with us HERE.

Special mention goin’ out to :
Beckii Lee
Amir Rezaee
Marie Morrone
Vija Leitis
Melissa Creswell
Kerry Santillo
Isaiah Balcombe
Will Ryan
Lesleigh Stewart


ps. For those who didn’t win… not to worry, we got heaps more giveaways comin’ up. STAY TUNED!

2 Responses to Winner Announced : Supra TK (Gold / Silver)

  1. kerry santillo says:

    Thankyou so much have emailed xxxxxxxxxx

  2. kerry santillo says:

    sorry disreguard my email i thought i had won :(

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