Thumbs-Up Cufflinks

May 22, 2012


Who has four thumbs and is lookin’ good? You, sir. There are many choices when it comes to cufflinks and we like to think that we provide the best ones. After all, if you have to wear a suit that looks like everybody else’s suit, you need a way to express your geeknique sense of style.

Thumbs-Up Cufflinks are a subtle, not in-your-Face way of throwing the Book at the establishment. It won’t earn you a place on the Wall of fame or even in the Timeline of history, but your more observant friends will notice your Updated Status symbol. Your next Social event won’t cause a Media storm, but it’ll be a bit more fun with Thumbs-Up Cufflinks. Admit it, you Like them.

Available HERE for $19,99.
words by TG

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