Gizmon Camera Style Case for iPhone

May 7, 2012


Imagine yourself walking through a beautiful landscape: the rolling hills, swaying grass, and epic sunset all waiting to be captured and stored within the confines of your Instagram library. Sadly, the process for such eloquence is far from graceful. Trying to find the perfect angle to hold your thumb and index finger on the edges of your phone while it tries to evade your grasp. Not to mention how difficult it is to hold the phone perfectly still while pressing the shutter button. The word “unappealing” leaps to the tip of the tongue.

Don’t miss out on a picture perfect moment again. The Gizmon Case has the appearance and texture of a sweet vintage camera and it turns your iPhone into one as well! Made of super tough polycarbonate, this case cradles your iPhone while the real shutter button clicks away! Take pictures like a pro and be the hero of your Facebook feed, Twitter stream, or Tumblr blog. Who doesn’t want that?

Available HERE for $64.99.
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