Fat Shounen Sundays (Weekly Manga Review) : Sun Ken Rock

May 6, 2012

Apologies on my absence last week!

This week I have an exciting manga I want to share with all of you! It’s called Sun Ken Rock.

I am currently reading this manga and it’s 15 volumes deep (plenty of chapters to keep ya’ busy for now). I have to say this manga has got a lot of components I love and seek, like drama, sex, romance, action, and violence. All components that a male species would want to read about! (apologies to our female readers). So lets get right down to what this manga is about!


Kitano Ken is the main protagonist who is a high school drop out. He fell in love with a girl from the same school by the name of Yumi Yoshizawa. Yumi’s has a dark side to her family history. She is the only surviving daughter of a Yakuza boss in Japan, her sister and mother died from an attack by a rival gang which made her hate Yakuza’s growing up. She decided to become a policewoman in order to get rid of them all. Ken’s an orphan, his family was killed by Yakuzas from Yumi’s family. (I know, twisted right?)

Yumi decided to go to Korea to follow her dream of becoming a police officer, and Ken decided to follow Yumi. And of course they fell in love. After a year in Korea, Ken was unable to find a job, but one day he saved an old man from the loan sharks, got scouted by a local gang and eventually got asked to become the boss of that gang. Having his identity suddenly switched to a gang leader, he tried to hide it from Yumi by saying that he started his own MMORPG gaming company (men and their lies). Because of Ken’s integrity and charisma, as you go on with the manga, you can see how his gang evolve and grow to become the most powerful gang in Korea.

I don’t want to spoil the story for ya’ so I’ve done my level best to keep it as informative as possible. HAHA!!

Alright guys! get cracking with this manga!!! It is an AWESOME read! I guarantee it!!!!

I hope you’ve all been reading the manga I’ve previously reviewed too!!! Heres some pictures of what you’ll see in the manga!

Manga by Boichi

Genre: Drama, Comedy, Romance, Ecchi, Action

Released Date: 2008 ~ ongoing

Volumes: 15

Story: 8.5/10

Art: 10/10

Over all: 9/10

See you all next week  Ciao~

Fat Jenga signing out!


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