Fat Shounen Sundays (Weekly Manga Review) : Shamo

May 13, 2012

Good morning guys! Good to see ya again! I hope you’ve said ‘I love you’ to your mother today as it is Mothers Day!

Today I’ve got a manga that I’ve been reading for a while now, it’s 27 volumes deep and it is still on going, I’ve started reading this maybe 5 years back, and this manga has left a deep impression on me. Just like the manga I’ve previously reviewed “Ichi the Killer”, but this one is not as grotesque. Lets get started shall we?


Shamo is the Japanese word for Fighting Cock, contest popular in Asia as a form of gambling. The main protagonist of Shamo is Ryu Narushima, he was an extremely intelligent high school student who was about to enter one of Japan’s most prestigious universities, the Tokyo University. But one day that bright path ceased to shine as he brutally killed his parents by repeatedly stabbing them with a knife. For his crimes, he was sent to the reformatory. Being a weak bookworm student, he was often picked on by other boys and was raped. In the reformatory, there was a karate program that was taught by Kenji Kurokawa, who was a master of a particular karate style. Ryo practised karate in his cell every single day and night, repeating his kicks and punches thousands of times. Kurokawa soon recognized Ryo’s gift for karate and soon began teaching self defense to Ryo personally. Due to the Juvenile Law, Ryo was released 2 years later.

Being free in a world filled with crimes, he took on the streets and earned a living from illegal street fighting and as well as being a gigolo. He often ambush gangsters to hone his skills and used any means necessary to win a fight. He also tried to look for his sister.

This is just the beginning….

What I love about this manga is just the sheer darkness in this manga, it’s murder, drugs, fighting and sex plots are excellent as well. The drama and fighting keeps this manga really exciting to read! It also explores stories from other characters as well, and it makes me excited to see the main protagonist becoming even more of a bad ass!

So check it out if yall got time guys!!

Manga written by: Izo Hashimoto

Illustrated by: Akio Tanaka

Genre: Seinen, Drama, Thriller, Action

Released Date: 1998 ~ ongoing

Volumes: 27

Story: 8.5/10

Art: 9/10

Over all: 8.5/10

See you all next week  Ciao~

Fat Jenga signing out!


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